Welcome to Madathattuvilai

Madathattuvilai has some breathtaking scenery, with the Lawns, lush green paddy fields.Madathattuvilai is essentially an intersecting point of culture, tradition. Madathattuvilai has a Trade Center .That Trade Center is one of the Big Trade Center in Surroundings. The modern history of the madathattvilai is interwoven with the history of Travancore state. In Travancore state, Madathattuvilai was the most important Place. The British in India considered Travancore a "model native state". The history of Madathattuvilai is a reminiscent of the past episode.  The evolution of the spiritual life of the people is akin to a seed thrust out of the earth, emerging towards the heaven and spreading its pleasant leaves in order to protect the struggling birds in the sky.  In the beginning the people of Madathattuvilai were poverty stricken.  Due to their hard and sincere work, optimism and perseverance, they procured a peaceful and prosperous life endowed with generosity.  It is a predominant factor to be investicated who is the prelude behind this perfection.  He, with no doubt was the great adherer of the poor, Fr. Pathrose.

Saint Sebastian's Church, which is situated right in the center of the village, is not only a religious center, but also an important social center that plays a very important role in the lives of the people in the village.St.Sebastian Church Festival lasts for ten days and draws a lot of crowd from around the areas for the music, drama and fireworks that add color to this religious event. It's based on the St. Sebastian Feast (January 20); i.e. January 20 is between the 3rd day to 8th day of the festival.