Fr. Pathrose The History of the Ardent Architect of Madathattuvilai

The history of Madathattuvilai is a reminiscent of the past episode.  The evolution of the spiritual life of the people is akin to a seed thrust out of the earth, emerging towards the heaven and spreading its pleasant leaves in order to protect the struggling birds in the sky.  In the beginning the people of Madathattuvilai were poverty stricken.  Due to their hard and sincere work, optimism and perseverance, they procured a peaceful and prosperous life endowed with generosity.  It is a predominant factor to be investicated who is the prelude behind this perfection.  He, with no doubt was the great adherer of the poor, Fr. Pathrose.

The Early Life of Fr. Pathrose

            The service rendered by Fr. Pathrose is really enchanting and stimulating.  His model life cannot be compared to anyone.  He was born in a small village called Kumblum, in the old Travancore State on 9th March 1894 to the will disciplined  parents, Shri Francis and Shrimathi Rose Mary.  The rare parents brought up their dear son with piety and discipline.  He was educated in a government primary school in Pallam, the near by village.  Then he joined in the St. Aloysius High School in Quilon.  He was enthusiastic and took keen interest in his studies. Even when he was at school he decided to become a priest to serve for the people and there by to the Lord.  His parents were exultant to give their consent.  He joined St. Raphael Seminary for the priesthood.  Having successfully completed his studies he was ordinated as a priest.  The Parish Kumblum was under the jurisdiction of Quilon Diocese our Kottar Diocese was also under Quiloun Diocese then.

Service as a priest

                 He served in several parishes as assistant Parish Priest.  Then he came to Rajackamangalam as Priest.  From Rajackamangalam he was transferred to Madathattuvilai as Parish Priest on 31st July 1927.  It is said that it was a golden day to Madathattuvilai.  It was in his hands that Madathattuvilai had become a blessed land.

The Maker of Madathattuvilai

            Really he was the maker of Madathattuvilai.  He learnt carefully the needs of the poor.  He probed into the problems of the poor and imbiked them to his mind and thought for the means and ways to wipe out the malady from the society.  He dedicated his life for the benefit of the villagers.  He worked heart and soul for the development of the poor village.

                To raise the welfare of the village he adopted several implementations.  He sought funds from the rich and charitebles.  He succeeded in his efforts.  He bought lands for the parish.  He realized that the habit of saving was essential for the betterment of the people.  To achieve it he established a mutual helping society in 1928.  Later it developed into a United Thrift Society.  This helped the farmers to a great extent.  Now this Thrift Society has become a full-fledged Primary Agriculture co-operative Bank and the farmers are immensely benefited.

Social Service

                To get rid of ignorance from the Society is the real religious work.  The father fully aware of the truth and worked for inculcating education to the people.  The Primary School up to 3rd standard brought by Rev. Fr.Augstin was upgraded up to 5th standard by Fr.Pathrose. He wished to widen the scheme and established a middle school called St. Lawrence English Middle School.  Spacious and comfortable buildings were constructed for the schools.  This Middle School has now grown as St. Lawrence Higher Secondary School.

                He disgusted the evils of caste in the Society.  He wanted to wane the castesm from the society.  He made friends with the people of the other communities and caste.  This certainty was a boon to his social services.  He preached his parishioners to practice this policy.  He recognized the value of the slogan “A healthy mind in a healthy body.”  As a result he taught his people martial arts to maintain the bedies.

A Veteran Disciplinarian

            He gave much importance to moral values.  He instructed against the evils of taking intoxicants and stealing.  He led a very simple life.  He never engaged a cook for him.He took whatever offered by his parishioners.He took part in the sorrows and joices of his people.  In those days common grave yards to bury the poor was a grave problem in the parish.  He sold his property is in herited from his sarents and put to good use to the poor.  He bought the present a grave yard and saved the poor from the crisis.  He appealed that his body should be buried in this grave yard after his death.

Eternal Life

            The grant father had done every thing that the society needed.  Unless his basement we cannot dream of a dazzling Madathattuvilai.  Thanks to the innocent flower which faded on the first October 1993 at an young age of 39.  The great priest and patron of Madathattuvilai is having his eternal staimber in the grave yard that he made for the poor.