Kuzhithurai Integral Development Social Services

In our St. Sebastian’s Parish during the presence of Parish Priest A. Maria Vincent under the guidance of Kottar Diocese Bhishop KIDS’ St. Sebastian’s particular council was established on 17-04-2005. It consists of 34 members from BCC (Basic Christian Concept) representatives,permanent members of elected Parish Council Executives, and also from selected Villukury Panchayat ward members and Nullivilai village Panchayat members are entire members of this organisation.

            Besides these members Joseph Raj as president Josepath Raj as Vice President, Jose Waltin as Secretary and O.Michael as Cashier, Mrs. Glory as Joint Secretary were selected and functioning later,after some days due to inconvinience of O.Michael, C.Francis was selected as cashier and still he continues.

Social Welfare works done are as under:-

  • Petition was sent to PWD Engineer and to Villukury Panchayat President the repair and damage works were successfully carried on, Near Villukury St. Sebastine Shrine (Cruz Church) road towards us.

  • Petition was given to NTC authority for not changing 6B bus root and time

  • There was a Public Path was created from Annai Street to Alangulam end.

  • Small Saving Schemes were established under Joint Venture of Mulagumudu Vicariate KIDS Forum basically starting from BCC of the Parish.

  • Rs. 5000/- each given for 5 women to start small business

  • A Milk Cow worth of 10,000/- Rs. by having discount of 5000/-Rs. was given to Poor widow of our parish.

  • For higher Prof. studying of BE course Rs.25000/- to a poor girl student recommended to higher level.

  • For Nursing Studies to get 10000/-Rs. for a poor girl arranged to provide

  • For higher Studies of a poor girl for 10000/- Rs  at 4% of interest rate arranged.

  • 210 members are joined in Jana Sree Beema Yojana Insurance Scheme and from them for 9,10,11,12th and ITI educational students will he selling benefits and from each family 1200/- will the given for 2 children as educational help.

  • Approach revenue departments offices Town/Village Panchayat Offices, Police Stations and the Public Sector Offices for Social needs and justices for welfare members

  • Monthly meeting will be held in each first Sunday at Parish Church Campus in which the suggestions, ideas, intentions expectation’s will he analyzed and discussed and accordingly functioning well.