Rev.Fr.Soosai Michael Poor Students Education Found

Aim: The aim of the establishment is to brighten the poverty-stricken in their education. A committee of twelve comrades in reminiscence of Jesus Christ was formed on 29-04-2007 at 7 P.M at the animated auditorium of St.Sebastian. The butt of the body is to build up a bounteous found to reach its goal.

The characteristic of the commission: It is a sub unit under the direct control of the parish council functioning independently. It proposes to give loans and donation to the eligible pupils of the parish.

The mode of selecting the applicants: Applications are accepted from the moth of May till the end of July every years. Applications should be authorized by the parish priest. Applications with out the justification of the respective ‘ANBIYAMS’ will ever be accepted selection of applications is left to the education committee and is doe through proper perusal with due care and caution. The sanctioned applications by the committee are sent for the approval of the parish administration and for payment.


(i)  It meets on the last Thursday every month at 7 P.M

(ii)  It seeks donors every Sunday

(iii)  It hands over the collection immediately to the Parish Cashier with recipts.

(iv)  It maintains a register with duly countersigned.

(v)  It maintains application forms and instruction copies.


A By-law is made and according to the By-law donations or loans are conferred to the following categories

(i)    Loans with no interest to those who are seeking or under going professional coures and diploma courses.

(ii)    Donations on charity and the donees should be poverty-striken.