Sacred Heart Society Of Jesus

The Love of God is the greater love of  world. The felicon bird losses its life morder to save its kids amidst the severe wind and cold, by broken heart with loss of blood likewise. Our Lord God Jesus has given his holy heart given to us as his love and affection.

The Appostal Prayer Society is recognised by (Catholic Church) religious congration who by and the Baptised Christians breachs the Gospel. It was established by Rev.Fr.Ramio, who was from jesu its on december 3rd  1944 at wales of france. During 1964 this Society has grown swiftly, by having three crore and eighty lakhs of members at one lakh Forty Thousand Centres.

This Society was devided as Soldier of holy Communion Society meant for children and sacred heart society meant for aged during Rev. Fr. Ladognni who was the Rector.

Sacred heart Society was established before so many years at our Kottar Diocision Parishes as a sub committee and once this society was functioning well at our Madathattuvilai nearly in 450 families the kingdom of sacred heart of Jesus was established and spreads the prayer of divotion. In the leadership of so called Kumastha Sri Maria Sebastian Varuvel Maria Sebastian Varuvel, Maria Sebastian, Michael Dhason Maria Michael were worked very well later the function of this society was inactive for some years.

After so many years the society was re estrablished by Rev. Fr. Solomon and renewed with 58 women devolte on 28-06-2002on Friday evening holy mass.

Aim of the Society:-

Holy mass sharing holy communism daily sacred life witnessed life, devotion in sacred heart of jesus – reach the divotional prayers at houses with their families and for the growth of society devotion of St. Mary, united with catholic church living and planning together by team by teams wiling Patients down troden – thems giving – Marriages and for their personal demands and needs group prayers are conducted at their respective houses and deceased person’s houses.helping to poor studying students as Social Welfare works helping to a wiling sicky patients and joined in Good Samarian welfare Scheme of our Parish gathering Donations and offering to desirved patients of our Parish.

Jointly functioning with Diocese and Vicarate level. Once in two years Seminors and Trainings are conducted. Once in a year we have a pilgrimage to stengther our devotion with developments Once in ayear conducting meditation. The special prayers of adoration is conducted during June of every year.

“I love the heart which is sacred heart of Jesus”