St. Aloycious Primary School Madathattuvilai

Once upon a time Madathattuvilai church was under the controll of karankadu Parish (before 1918) Rev. Father Augustine had felt the need of the changes of social development and need of education and to be established Primary School which was near to church earlier under tile roof of a small building conducted the teaching.

Madathattuvilai became Independent Parish during 1918. The Rev. Fr. Augustin became the first Parish Priest of Madathattuvilai by his sincere efforts the Government had reg. rec;gnised this Primary School.

Rev. Fr. Pathrose had expansed developed this school as shape building at athe present of place of St.Sebastian Auditorium. The first Headmaster was Mariakannu of Pandarakadu. C.Helen, P. Swaminathan, M.Veru Velammal, M.Asirwatham, M.Paramjotji, A.Gnana Prakasam, S.Gnana Prakasam, C.Maria Michael were earlier teachers of the School.

The entire executive responsibilities handed over to St. Anne Convent, Chennai congrigation by on 15-06-1960 by Rev. Fr.Soosai Michael He who was the Parish Priest of us the First Headmisters was Rev.Sister Magadalane.

This School was functioning at the church campus till 1986. Then the school was shifted usto St. Anne Convent Campus and there few building was conttructed. All the classes of this school shifted into convent campus, during Rev. Fr. Ugine Kuzhannar as Parish Priest.

With effect from 1993 the old buildings of the Convent is utilised as Primary School and for Rev. Sister’s residence new building was constructed.

Now these are 13 teachers including Rev. Sisters working in this School. 500 students are studying in  the school. This is one of the last Primary School comes under Colachel Regiom functioning well with name and fame.