St.Lawrence Higher Secondary School Madathattuvilai

Rev.Fr. Patrose was an embodiment of dedication. St.Lawrence Higher Secondary School is an apt example of his dedication. In ancient days Kottar Diocese was part of Qulion Diocese. It was separated from Quilon Diocese and named as Kottar Diocese. The first Bishop of Kottar Diocese was Rt.Rev.Fr.Lawrence Pereira. The school was named ofter him.


It originated as St.Lawrence English Middle school in 1930. In 1949 it was graded up as a High school with Tamil as the medium of instruction and in 1978 it was graded up as a Higher Secondary School.  In 1930 there were only 17 students with a single teacher. Today it consists of 1800 students, 61 teachers and 9 non teaching staff. Its development is steady, consistent and successful. After Rev. Fr. Patrose, the following priests served as correspondents. They are,

Rev.Fr. Thomas Pereira, Rev.Fr. J.M.Wilwarayan, Rev.Fr. S.Mathias, Rev.Fr. D.C.Antoy, Rev.Fr. M.Soosai Michael, Rev.Fr. P.Josephate Maria, Rev.Fr. A. Joachim, Rev.Fr. J.N.Caesar Rev.Fr. A.Eugin Kuzhandai, Rev.Fr. Hilary A.M, Rev.Fr. Anthony M. Muthu.

Then the Catholics schools under Mulagumudu vicariate were brought under vicariate correspondent-ship on 01-06-1996 Rev.Fr. John Bosco was the first correspondent. He was followed by Rev.Fr. A.Selvaraj. Then on 01-06-2000 the schools were brought under corporat management and Rev.Fr. Maria Gladson was the first corporate manager Mr. Maria Amirtha Dhas was appointed as the correspondent of this school. The headmasters of the school since Rev.Fr. Patrose are, K.M.Irudayan, S.Maria Michael, E.S.Francis, M.Mariakon, G.Pangiras, D.Victor Swamidhas, V.A.John Raj, A.Maria Dhas, after A.Mariadhas, Mr. M.Augustin Varuvel has been working as the Headmaster.


Catechism has been taught regularly and effectively for catholic students. Annual retreat was given to students and teachers. Holy mass was held on the first Friday of every month. The service rendered by Rev. Sister paved the way for spiritual and moral life. Sports and games were very useful to the students. It developed the physique of the students. Students participated in sports in the state level and national level. Awards were won in the state level.

To develop patriotism, cultural values and spiritual values in the mind of the students, practice in music, drama, essay competition and elocution competitions were conducted. N.C.C and Scout in the school helped to increase the patriotic fervor in the mind of the students. Excursions were regularly conducted to make the learning perfect.


1995 – 1996         : Two storeyed building with 24 class rooms (Dedicated by Rt.Rev.Leon A.Darmaraj)

1996 – 1997           :       Modernized lavatories for students and teachers separately.

1997 – 1998         : separate Lab for Chemistry, Botany and Zoology. Office room modernized.

1998 – 1999          :  Compound wall, Entrance, drinking water facilities

1999 – 2000         :   Physics Lab and Computer Lab

2000 – 2001         :   Computer Lab extended

2001 – 2002         :   Auditorium in memory of Suyambulingom and Kangambal

2002 – 2003      :   Teachers room, sound system, cycle parking, two class rooms from parliament fund.

2003 – 2004         :   Platinum Jubilee – Auditorium


It has always maintained a better result in Govt. examinations in Thuckalay education district. It is a selected school in the Kurunthancode union.

  1. First batch for the S.S.L.C. Exam : 1952
  2. First batch for the Plus two exam : 1980
  3. First rank in the education district in the academic year 2002-2003 & 2003 -2004
  4. 2002 -2003 G.Stalin Beaula – State award ( Plus two)
  5. 2002 -2003 A. Raj Kumar (S.S.L.C) District first rank
  6. 2006 – S.S.L.C Antony Leo Felix – Educational District (First Rank), S. Kavia – Second rank

We are proud to say that our school staff works heart and soul for the four fold improvement of the students. I pray to Almighty for continuous growth of this dedicated institution.