St. Sebastian Church Choir Of Holy Mass

Praising and Praying; Adoring and worshiping the Lord God’s devine wondees by singing as songs is the God’s significant gift “Sing together to God of, psalms, let we sing” Chalenging by unify the human beings with Lord ‘ God. The main aim of the established choir of church is useful to feels the presence of God in the church, insides divine godly joyful sentiments to unite the human beings and inriching the liturgied  ceremonis and to Induce the joint as will as group prayers and songs  thorough out the holy mass.

If once we sings that is equal to two times of prayings is word of  St cicily incommemoration of this saint our St. Sebastian church choir is functioning and in earlier days which was co-ordinately by Rev. Precists there after during 1965 some of the laymen particularly are Singarayan, Savarimuthu and Paramjothi were activity has engaged in the church choir consequently after some days some of the laymen and St. Anne Convent Rev. Sisters regularised the choir during 1975, with the help of Rev. ‘Fathers’ with masillamani Tamil Vidhvan’ the Choir was modernised. The training of practice was given by Rev. Fr.and Rev.Fr.Peter Since 1995 Mr.MariaSebastian and Miss.Sebastiyayee are the ‘Co-ordinators of the choir and do will.

            At Present our church has 19 members and functioning well the present president of the choir is Rev. Fr. Dominic Kadatcha Dhas and Rev. Fr.Sujan Kumar and the Vice President is Felix Stephen the Secretary is Miss.Linda joint Secretary is Rooswelt the Cashier is Miss.Sebastiyayee. We are Singing by having practice wolh musical Instruments on daily Mass, Sunday Mass and special Masses

The details of Practice as under:-

  • Special Practice is conducting on every Sunday at the PM
  • For Sunday Mass, on every Friday morning after Mass practise will he exercised.
  • Special practices will be conducted before some day of sainta feast festival, christmas and Easter feasts.

Song Books:

During mass and litergy in order to sing together the printed song booklets and song cards are distributed to all of the participants.

Children Choir

The children choir was established by Rev. Fr. Hilariuse by having 20 members who has parasite with sweet voice.They are enriching the Saturday morning mass and Sunday evening mass and their commitments are highly appreciated by the devotes weekly basis on every Friday and Saturday at 5.00PM they are having practice and trained.The feast of church choir St Cicily on November 22nd is celebrated by children choir with welwisher and aged citizens of Parish. Once in a year we are going on a joyful picnic and as a happy tourism enjoing the utility with the presents of priest and well wishing Organisers.