St. Sebastian Orators club

It was realised that oration is a singnificant tool to awake a society from darkness to spritual and social aspects of life. As a result it was decided to form a debating socity in the parish. The decision bore fruit on 22-12-1983 and the club was named after St.Sebastian.It was headed by the Rev.Fr.Albert Raj B.A; B.T.H, the then assistant parish priest of our church.

          ‘Spiritual activities through words and deeds’ was the motts of the club.

Our establishment has been coducting debates on various topics in order to get red of the evils prevailing in the present society. We are doing this use ful service in Kanya Kumari and Tirunel veli districts. We conduct debates on various subjects to childrenfrom the primary level to Higher secondary level and are honoured signifgicantly. Gratuitous services to the needy such as food and clothing are offered in times of necessity. Thus we try to carry out the work left to us by our Lord.