St. Sebastian’s Historical Shrinc (Cruz Chappel) At Villukury Junction

For long days our parishers interested to create a beautiful cruz chappel at the entrance of  Madathattuvilai near to Nagercoil to Trivandrum National highway. Today this shine is glittering as a pole star and as a crisent of Madathattuvilai Parishors. The history of this cruz chappel is very much interested and a grand success of our dreams.

So far, in order to create the shrnic the late Rev. FatherSoosai Michael had taken firm attemption. The land purchased at very national highway junction and for obevious reasons which was written on one of the individual besides some days the land was exchanged to some others hand. So far the aim of the construction of cruz chappel is delayed and declined.

There after during the region of Rev.Fr.Josephath Maria again the firm steps taken to start the works. There was a land available and possesed by a CSI christian Sri Jebamony who is a resident of Madathattuvilai. We have explained the aim of St. Sebastian cruz chappel at Villukury Junction. At onece he with cost Rs.4000/- and thus Rs.500/- was given as to her advance.

Owing this news some of the persons wanted to re purchase the proposed land at higher rates but the honourable Jeba Mony the owner flutely denied sell to others fullfiled his promise consequently a building construction committe of 25 members were selected and started togather donations.

Besidea a small donation of Bhishop Arokiasamy and of our Parishers donation the construction work won started under the supervision of building contractor G.Yesudhason. The statues were donated by well wishers on 20-01-1975 the shrine was blessed and opened by Rev.Fr. Barnabass.

This is remains as a monument of St. Sebastin and the history of Madathattuvilai residents for those who buypass the National Highway. Irrespective of caste and creed and language all are devoutry and devotionally paying homage to St.Sebastin’s Cruz Chappel. “Accidental spot openioned by public is runed after this shrine’s estrablishment No unloward accidents are occured in front of the shrime.

Monthly once in every Friday, at 6P.M grosary, litergy is being conducted. Every year on account of palm sunday. The holy procession with palms and prayers starts from St. Sebastin’s Shrime of Villukury. In towards Parish headquarter.

During our saints feast festivals and christmas/ New Year day, this shrine is beautifully decorated, with varity of coloured electrical serial set lights and glittering as pole star as a crescent of our Madathattuvilai Parishee’s faith and growth for ever through ‘St. Sebastian’.