The Cathelic Socity, an admantine Citadel

The C.A.S. is one of the most important Organizations in the diocese of Kottar to render religious service by the laity. Hitler’s Nazism and Mussolini’s Fascism were two of the chief factors for the cause of the second world war. The two forces imposed a hazard to the church. To save the church from these forces Pope pious the XI called up on the laity all over Italy to get together to defend the religion. As a result in 1936 a great Movement was formed and it was called the Catholic action Society. In India it was initiated first in Madurai in the year 1937. In our diocese it began functioning on 22 April 1941 at Mulagumoodu parish. In course of time its growth spread out all over the diocese. In our Parish it was founded by Rev.Fr.D.C.Antony in the year 1947 with 49 members. On completion of its 25 years service the silver Jubilee was celebrated in a grand scale. As a token of the silver Jubilee the Organization was subdivided into two units .

(i)                Liturgical group and

(ii)             Social Service Committee

          The first unit was engaged in services like participation in the religious like participation in the religious devotion, teaching Catechism, extolling sacred Heart in the houses, heading souls by conversion, Biblical services etc. The second unit utilized its activities in teaching the adults the alphabets, to habituate the saving habits among the common people, collecting rice from the public and helping the poor, constructing houses for the homeless and maintaining the homes of the poor.

Rice-Aid-September for the poor:

          Collecting rice from the parishioners on every sunday to wipe out the poverty of the poor is the motts of this System. Under this system eight families are fed constantly.

Healing of souls:

          To meet the sick in their houses and hospitals and soothing the minds of the sick and solaching their souls ad offering money and materials is the aim of this service.

Golden Jubilee – Special Plan:

The Golden Jubilee was celebrated on January 18, 1999. It was on the fourth day of the annual festival of our church. As a token of the golden jubilee,  two important schemes were Scheduled

(i)                A tailoring centre for girls in the name of Christ the King was established.

(ii)             Offering educational tools to the poor children.

(iii)           Giving loan to widows without  interest to do business

(iv)           Free training in tailoring and computer training for the poor students.

(v)             In 2001, a unit for the girls was established

(vi)           In 2006, a unit for the youngsters was started.

The sixtieth year diamond Jubilee special scheme:

(i)                Giving financial assistance to the widows and for the poor tailors.

(ii)             Offering goals free of cost to the poor widows.