The Legion Of Mary

The Legion of Mary is an asset in our Parish. It is an organization to spread the lord’s message by following the principles and sacrifice of St.Mary throughout the world in Co-Operation with the Church.

According to Pope John 23rd , the Legion of Mary reflects the real face of the church. Rev. Fr. Susai Michael initiated a presidium for gents on 01-11-1953 in the name of St.Mary Jessily. It flourished in course of time and now we have three presidiums for gents and four for women. Brothers T.Stanislaus, M.Edward Singh, and J.Arul Stalin lead the gent’s presidium and sisters M.Lissy Rose Mary, R.Annal, A.Amala Viji and J.Xavier Merlin Bai lead the presidiums for women. We have al together 137 Members in the legion.

The origin of Curia:

Rev.Fr. Josephat Maria established a Curia in our parish on 05-11-1972 putting together all the presidiums headed under Madathattuvilai. It was named after St.Mary under the tittle “Maria the place for wisdom”. The presidiums under Karancaud and Kandanvilai were put together as a Quiria in Kandanvilai on 30-11-2001.

Now the presidiums under Appattuvilai, Kalkurichy, Thiruvithamcode, Mylode and Chungankadai and the presidiums under the substations Konnakuzhivilai, Villukury, Vattam, Paruthiaraithottum, Puliyurkurichy and Chemmenvilai are under Madathattuvilai Curia. Brothers S.Resind, S.Xavier Raj and Sister M.Mary Preeda and G.Catherine are the ex-officio of the presidiums.

We are proud to stay that Rev.Fr.David Michael, Rev.Fr. Domiic Savio, Br. Joseph Edwin and Rev.Sis.Mary Viakulam (Kuthiraipanthivilai), Alphonsa (Kuthiraipanthivilai), Esther (Manthope), Ronickam (Padarakadu), Premalatha (North), Amala Wisy (East), Stalin Kavitha (North) are the members of our Legion.

The Service rendered by our Legion:

1. The population of the Parish was formulated by the Legion with the help of the Parish.

2. Free medical camps were conducted by medical teams in the field in view of AIDS

awareness and documentary films were screened in connection with it.

3. 27 poor families were saved from addiction of alcohol.

4. Co-Operation was given to the Sunday Catechism to conduct- V.B.S.

4. Our people are participants of the Sunday Catechism in our Parish.

5. Our People serve as guides in the youth. Services are done for our parishioners

to get the   sacraments properly and in time.

6. Participation in ‘Anbiums’ and in other establishment

7. Special services during festive seasons such as cleaning and decorating the church.

8. Special prayers and Rosaries are carried out in the church every day after the Mid-day-meals

9. Church surroundings are cleaned with due care every Saturday and every Saturday

at 6-45 P.M special prayer is conducted regularly in front of the Lourdu Mount.

10. Every year on Palm Sunday a special Banquet is given to people irrespective of caste

and religion.

11. Prayer for the are done in their houses ad in hospitals too.

12. We go from house to house, parish to parish, Diocese to diocese and even through out the

state to render Biblical service.

13. Sr. Catherine of our Legion visited Jerusalem with seven priests, too reverent sister

and 64 members of Legion of Maria in accordance with the 2000 Jubilee year.