The Peace Committee of our Parish

“Blessed are the Peace makers: for they shall be called the children of god” Mathew 5:9 To carry out the Lord’s message we have formed a peace committee. The first parish council in our parish was formulated in the year 1984. The peace committee was institute even then.

It is a sub committee under the parish council. It is formed with a few members of the parish council along with some eminent the parishioners. It is Co-Ordinated by one of the members of the parish council.

Petitions are received and registered and the petitioner and the accused are given notice to attend before the peace committee. Every sunday in the evening the problems are discussed in a friendly, and cordial manner and the matter is solved peacefully. Money matters or even problems on boundaries are settled.

Every peace committee in its jurisdiction, with in its tenure of three years brings to an end about 150 to 200 petitions.

Our parishioners Thiru. V.Augustine, T.Pushparaj, M.Soosai Marian, S.Kalasione, M.John Boniface and G.Hilbert Raj have served as Co-ordinators of the peace committee. Now Thiru.V.M.Dhas is in-charge.